Passionate about customer service, building relationships and growing the business. Highly motivated and energized, always looks for new ways to deliver value to our clients as well as opening new doors in the furniture industry. Vince has been in the furniture industry since 1998.

Favorite quote: 

“Don’t get comfortable, always stay competitive and aggressive”.


Chief Operating Officer Doesn’t describe all that Juan P. Valera (JP) brings to the table.  With over 26 years in the office furniture industry,  he has experienced the industry from multiple levels. From installer to COO he has excelled at each one. JP understands the importance of mentoring and growing the teams'knowledge at every level. His leadership, guidance, and ability to think on his feet will always make us competitively better.

Favorite quote:“We will figure it out, whatever it takes, let’s get it done”.




What you do in your free time: Share with his family and their related activities is definitely the focus of his life. On occasions when he finds himself alone with his lady, they will take off on the Harley to a nice restaurant, or ride along the coast for the day.

Greatest accomplishment: 

This is a work in progress as his child is not fully grown, yet.


What you do in your free time: Loves to spend time with his family.  He also enjoys working on cars and attending car shows with his car club.

Greatest accomplishment: 

Working the way up the ladder form an installer 1 to his current position.

LARRY FIELDS (Estimator)

What you do in your free time: 

Contemplating life.

Greatest accomplishment: 

Being who he is today.

Operation / Account Managers:


PETER GRAYSON (V.P of Corporate Acct.)

What you do in your free time: Spending time with his family and friends mainly. But, he also loves to travel, hike, camp, walk his dogs, and watch sports – especially those SF Giants!

Greatest accomplishment: 

Becoming a US Citizen.


LUIS VERA (Dispatcher)

What you do in your free time:On his time off Luis likes to drive for UBER, watch Raider games and spend time with his wife.

Greatest accomplishment:

Luis stated that one of his greatest accomplishments is to be on this website.

GIL BORQUEZ (Project Manager)

What you do in your free time:Spend quality time with family and friends, have family BBQ's.Goes to his son's baseball games, goes on road trips with his loved ones.

Greatest accomplishment:

Gives his children the best education that he can and buy a home for his family that will be his greatest accomplishments.

SAMMY DE LEON ( Sr. Acct. & Project Manager)

What you do in your free time: Spend time with his Family, explore California, outdoor activities, play golf, baseball, basketball, and billiards. 

Greatest accomplishment:

Won 3 junior golf tournaments in the summer of 1994.

RENE MARTINEZ (Acct. Manager)

What you do in your free time:Enjoy concerts, visiting wineries and breweries, and travel.

Greatest accomplishment:

The success in his profession.

PATTY MEDINA (Account Manager)

What you do in your free time:Spend time with her closest friends and family, goes to concerts, and plays indoor soccer.

Greatest accomplishment:

Her beautiful daughters.

ROXANA LLANES(Client Service)

What you do in your free time:Spend her free time with her family and friends.

Greatest accomplishment:

Being a mom and wife to the best people in the world.

ARTURO JAUREGUI (Field Superintendent)

What you do in your free time:Enjoys RC cars, bike rides and Grilling with his family.

Greatest accomplishment:

Helped his parents open their own Business.

ANDREA SOLIS(Acct. Coordinator)

What you do in your free time:Spend her free time with her grandsons and family.

Greatest accomplishment:

Raising her beautiful daughters.

Human Resources / Accounting




What you do in your free time:On his time off he likes to travel, watch 49ers and A's games, hiking, being outdoors, staying active.

Greatest accomplishment:

Graduating College.


(Payroll & Human Resources)

What you do in your free time:

Enjoys time with her family, going to the gym, hiking, and the movies.

Greatest accomplishment:

Raising her children and providing them excellent education.


(Accounting Assistant & Accounts Receivable)

What you do in your free time:

She loves the outdoors...hiking in the neighborhood or mountains.

Greatest accomplishment:

Her greatest achievement so far would have to be overcoming her doubtsabout her ability's as a person.


(Accounts Payable)

What you do in your free time:

Spends it with her family (play badminton)

Greatest accomplishment:

Will be when her children graduate college.


KHRISTINA VALERA(Logistic Manager)

What you do in your free time:Concerts, music festivals, cloud watching, exploring the great outdoors, going on trips... Favorite Sport: Marathons... TV marathons. Surfing the interwebs.

Greatest accomplishment:

Raising her two adorable cats, Timon and Pumbaa. Oh, and graduating from Cal.

GABBY MEDINA (Receiving Coordinator)

What you do in your free time:Movie Night, Family BBQ and other activities that involve those closest to her.

Greatest accomplishment:

Raising two beautiful and quirky kids.

ARIANA MEDELLIN (Logistics Coordinator)

What you do in your free time:Watch her favorite movies over and over again, hang out with friends, travel, eat, and spend time with her family.

Greatest accomplishment:

Pursuing her education and being the best dog mom to her son Bandit!


What you do in your free time:He enjoys time with family. Watch movies, hikes and during summer, BBQ by the pool.

Greatest accomplishment:

His children’s grades and overall demeanor.