Opening Positions 



The Installer is responsible for the safe handling, delivery and installation of furniture, products and other's property, including client's building, equipment and furniture to AMS’s customers. He / she is required to work in the most efficient manner possible, maintain a professional demeanor at all times and protect AMS’s equipment, assets, image and profitability.


  1. Deliver and install small to mid-size projects independently and within quoted scope of work.

  2. Demonstrate proficient delivery and installation skills with major manufacturers systems.

  3. Handle, deliver and install wood case goods properly and without damage.

  4. Demonstrate safe and efficient handling of all product and furnishings.

  5. Is mechanically adept and knows how to safely use tools and equipment.

  6. Demonstrate ability to read and comprehend floor plans and installation drawings.

  7. Understands basic installation processes: unloading, loading, staging, un-carton, panel assembly, component assembly, cleanup and detailing, lock installation, etc.

  8. Knows how to assemble, fine-tune and detail panels, electrical parts, components, case goods, seating, filing, tables, etc.

  9. Stage product properly as directed by the Lead Installer and/or installation drawings.

  10. Install wall mounts securely and properly in various wall conditions.

  11. Maintain and be responsible for a complete set of installation tools.

  12. Wear a clean and complete AMS uniform during scheduled work hours.

  13. Drive and operate AMS’s vans and trucks in a legal, safe and professional manner.

  14. Complete Time Sheets, Punch Lists, Change Orders and all other paperwork in a timely, legible and accurate manner.

  15. Possess the required tools of the trade i.e. cordless drill & bits and other hand tools needed to assemble various office furniture.

  16. Demonstrate proficient product terminology.

  17. Demonstrate problem solving skills and product installation solutions.

  18. Adhere to AMS procedures and policies as specified in the AMS Handbook at all times.

  19. Accommodate all reasonable requests from AMS’s owners, managers, co-workers and customers.  


* 2+ years of experience delivering and installing office furnishings systems.

* Has physical strength and stamina required to lift, carry, push and move heavy furniture, boxes and equipment frequently.

* Available for work shifts at various times to include evenings, weekends, holidays and overtime.

* Professional, cooperative and polite interaction with coworkers and customers.

* Communicates task status and problems to field supervisors/lead personnel and dispatcher in a timely and clear manner

* Self-motivated work practices and has the initiative to work independently.

* Takes ownership for assignment results and details—follows through to assignment's finish.

* Has the ability to understand and carry-out directions from leads and field supervisors.

* Excellent attendance to include timely arrival and minimal sick time.

* Good oral and written communication skills.

* Valid California State driver’s license and personal insurance along with good transportation.

* High school diploma and or GED equivalent.   


Reports directly to the Operations Manager and indirectly to the Director of Operations.

Work cooperatively with all AMS owners, managers, employees and customers.

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